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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

55 million Americans, 5 million Canadians, and millions more worldwide suffer from Sensitivities.

My Story

My name is Alyce Vincent. I suffer from Isocynate Sensitization, more commonly known as Environmental Sensitivities. I react to most products that have been scented, as well as household and industrial products. My reactions include headaches, contact dermatitis, reactive lungs (asthma), and vocal cord dysfunction. The first three of those symptoms have medications that can sometimes counter the effects and damages.

The vocal cord dysfunction has no treatment, and the damage worsens with exposures. My condition is worse since working at Nordia, with my throat now being in a tender state most times.

In early November 2012, I applied for a position at Nordia Inc. This is a call center that is part of Bell Media. It provides customer service to customers with Bell cell phones, T.V, home phone, and some internet products and services. The position…